# Open Source Vehicles 2020 (EN) English version => [**French Version**](https://pad.fabmob.io/nCIAip6ER42xCPTiH-__FA?both) This pad is implemented by FabMob ![](https://hot-objects.liiib.re/pad-fabmob-io/uploads/upload_4c25499294a6eec5e83dfa6bd490ba2a.png) You can write on this pad by creating an account on **pad.fabmob.io** You can also [**create your profile on the wiki**](https://wiki.lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/wiki/Special:Connexion/signup). This pad allows a collective note taking, increasing the points of view while requiring to take into account the collective ([**See the Tips**](https://wiki.lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/wiki/Prise_de_Note_collective_CODI)). ::: success **++General objective:++** FabMob aims to organize a French workshop (if possible European) on topics around one or more open source vehicles (or function), **April 27th in Paris (VEDECOM)** ::: ::: info ++**Actions that everyone can engage** without waiting++ * subscribe to the [**mailing list open harware**](https://framalistes.org/sympa/subscribe/open_hardware/) to receive all the messages directly in your mailbox * complete this PAD by first creating an account on **pad.fabmob.io** to propose projects, actors, ideas, for the hackathon or the conference * share this message with people potentially interested in your networks * exchange on the [**chat**](https://chat.fabmob.io/channel/open-vehicule) to describe your projects, propose contributions, indicate your needs, and a [**forum**](https://forum.fabmob.io/t/organisation-du-prochain-atelier/629) for the organization * subscribe to this [**workshop**](https://www.helloasso.com/associations/la-fabrique-des-mobilites/evenements/atelier-des-communs-38-voiture-open-source) ::: :::warning ++**ACTIONS**++ - [ ] Redaction of a manifesto Why Open source Vehicle cans be useful for all ? Blog Post - [ ] Describe the basic for create a specific entity (fondation, association) for governance, funding and management of one or several open source vehicle platforms - [ ] Identify and contact Co-funding partners - [ ] Pre-program and Save the date - [ ] Hackathon associated YES or NO ::: # 0. Preambule Mains arguments to engage a manufacturer, equipment manufacturer, laboratory and school: "We all need an open technical base, pooled, uncompetitive at least for research, training, pedagogy and entrepreneurship-type needs. By pooling efforts, expenses and resources on a single open source EV platform, it is possible to create synergies, standards and accelerate the development of this common base." In 2019, we are in contact with several players who support this initiative to develop, contribute and use an open source electric vehicle: ## Projects ### In progress #### Car * [**campOSV - VehiculeLibre**](https://wiki.lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/wiki/FreeVehicle) in Rennes * INSA ACTIA Chair on a [**autonomous shuttle using Apollo**](http://gei.insa-toulouse.fr/fr/actualites/chaire-de-mobilite-intelligente-par-actia-al-insa.html) in Toulouse + see this [**synthesis**](https://cloud.fabmob.io/s/DbPGnwJaWcsDK9b) * Production of an open vehicle for education for Transvalley, and another for VEDECOM #### Bike, Skate, Tricycle, ... * [**MIT Persuasive Electric Vehicle**](https://www.media.mit.edu/projects/pev/overview/) * [**XYZ Cargo**](http://www.xyzcargo.com/about/) * Skate, tricycle, ... #### Reduced models * [**RollE Autonomous Model**](https://wiki.lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/wiki/RollE_affordable_modular_autonomous_vehicle_development_platform) * [**AWS Kit**](https://wiki.Lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/wiki/AWS_DeepRacer) ### Launch * Connected car [**Sierra Wireless - INSA Toulouse**](http://msiot.insa-toulouse.fr/en/news/iot-applications-and-services-for-the-future-of-connected-mobility.html) * [**Rail Shuttle**](https://wordpress.com/home/navetteferroviaire.org?site=navetteferroviaire.wordpress.com) in South West of France ## Stakeholders * Industries: [Renault Software Lab](https://group.renault.com/groupe/implantations/software-labs-sophia-antipolis/), [Actia](http://gei.insa-toulouse.fr/fr/actualites/chaire-de-mobilite-intelligente-par-actia-a-l-insa.html), [Movin'on Lab](https://movinon-lab.michelin.com/lab/s/?language=en_US), ... * Clusters: [Transalley](http://www.transalley.com/), competitiveness clusters, * Schools, laboratories: Vedecom, INSA Toulouse, INSA Rennes, IMT, Valenciennes Univ * Third Places, FabLab: Myne, RFFabLab, BloLab, LowTech Lab, * Invite European actors (commission), * Open source vehicle projects, global like **http://Apollo.auto**, MIT co-program, SZOIL in China * Networks: open source lab, FabMob Qc, * (to complete) # 1. Objectives Our goal is to increase the number of contributors, develop new functions, bring new actors to use and then contribute, make known the benefits of open source vehicles and structure the governance of resources and their funding. To pool the efforts, FabMob proposes: * Several tools ([**mailing list open hardware**](https://framalistes.org/sympa/subscribe/open_hardware/), a [**chat for discussion**](https://chat.fabmob.io/channel/open-vehicule), a [**wiki**](https://wiki.lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/wiki/VehiculeLibre) to document the deliverables produced during the hackathons and information channels to make known the projects and the next hackathons) * organize a dedicated event in 2020 to: * make known the interest and benefits of open source robotised EV, build a clear and engaging discourse with benefits for all stakeholders: schools, labs, clusters, industries, territories - How to involve a Corporate company, [see blogpost from J.Giusti]([voir Article de J.Giusti](https://www.village-justice.com/articles/disposer-une-strategie-open-source-quand-est-une-entreprise-peut-devenir,32673.html)) * work on a governance of existing and future resources * work on the financing of developments, identifying funders: governance (creation of an adhoc structure or hosting by FabMob?), call for funding? foundations? * workshops organisation after the conference in France and in Europe in order to animate and federate all stakholders, continue work on governance and funding # 2. Themes / Topics identified * identification of needs of function / service type robotization * List of ongoing projects, actors, wiki update (projects, actors, communities) * documentation * synergies * animation community: regional, national, europe, world * Contributors: who, what, how - Governance and Financing * Communication, marketing: we are working to increase the visibility of open source hardware in mobility through: * Write a Manifesto / Advocacy on the open source vehicle: why? benefits? how to get involved? for who ? * Hackathons: how, why * Partnerships: * An upcoming exhibition by the Cité du Design in Saint Etienne starting in April 2020 * An implication is possible in the next **Mondial de l'Auto 2020** in Paris and the deliverables of this day will be able to deploy / present at the Auto Show, * A partnership currently under construction with the [**MIT**](http://lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/articles/innovation/echanges-phil-tinn-chercheur-mit/) * Open a project in Africa with a community of FabLab in West Africa BLOLAB * Open source [CAD software](https://wiki.lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/wiki/CadRacks_(ex_PyOSV)_logiciel_Mod%C3%A9lisation_libre_d%27objets_complexes): * existing software, strengths / weaknesses * Identify stakeholders interested in contributing to an open source CAD software developed by Univ Rennes # 3. Logistics and organization * April 27th at VEDECOM, Paris * format: * key note, conference * Workshop part * live note taking, video / web retransmission * financing to build: fabmob + industrial + lab / school + territory ... # 4. Hackathon It is possible and desirable to organize a Hackathon at the end of the conference. This Hackathon can have one or more vehicles "supports": campOSV, shuttle Apollo Toulouse, MIT, ... ::: warning **SEARCH PARTNERS TO ORGANIZE THE HACKATHON** :::